Lawrence Staveley

February 14th 2020, 13:02:22

Well, as we've slyly announced it (nothing official yet, not even a trailer!) have some footage of the next chapter of Dizzy to hit the Atari Jaguar, fully licensed and to be available from AtariAge (No ETA yet)

Magicland Dizzy!

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 14th 2020, 09:20:15

I decided I wanted a Lynx GameDrive desktop wallpaper. As I've made it, I thought I may as well share it! I'm sure exactly zero people will want it, but hey, why not... 😆

Full 1080p version available here --

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 13th 2020, 13:47:32

You can never have too many bare bones examples for reasonably advanced (sprites 'n interrupts) techniques. The bedrock of old computers. 😄
Here is another C64 Assembly example, hope you enjoy!😉
Here is the link to the .asm have a play around. More tutorials from this website

The Nintendork 🇺🇸 🎮🕹

February 11th 2020, 18:07:36

How cool are these #Nintendo #SNES #NES art pieces made by stevecasino@ on #instagram 😁😍👍

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 11th 2020, 14:46:24

And just for fun, a render of the most likely final shell candidate! All looks pretty nice, and fits in both Lynx 1&2 -- one of the design goals for this latest version of the cart. 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 11th 2020, 14:00:27

A few more Lynx GameDrive case variants sent for print. One of these will be the final design, with any luck! Most of the tweaks are to do with how the PCB is clipped into the case. I'm trying to do away with adhesive and rely on mechanical fixing if at all possible.

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 10th 2020, 15:52:04

And this is a Lynx GD testing unit ready for action! The production outsourcing tools. 😄

Quite pleased with the case and funky yellow LCD. Looks suitably industrial.

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 10th 2020, 15:40:38

Final production Lynx GameDrive PCB's ordered in gold ENIG finish for last bit of testing and then CE & FCC certification. Honestly, not long now... 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

February 6th 2020, 12:45:23

It needs a housing, but this is the production Lynx GameDrive testing device. Stick in a blank cart and it does magic things... 😄

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