SainT : RetroHQ :

November 20th 2019, 12:27:00

Working with retro hardware on a daily basis means I feel obliged to live in the moment -- the moment being 30 years ago, of course. Good thing the music was bloody awesome. Some Eldritch today. Amazing how music can completely alter mood, enthusiasm and energy levels. 🤔🤘🏻

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 18th 2019, 16:38:18

A couple of classic RetroHQ Lynx game carts going out to the lucky top two places of the Lynx coding contest organised by @TheAtariGamer! Awesome stuff! #AtariLynx #Programming

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 17th 2019, 22:02:30

Does anyone have photos of their programming setup from back in the 90’s? Please share if you do! It was a far more raw experience back then... 😄

My programming setup early 1993 as appeared in ST Format!
Awesome 12/75 modem and biscuit tin propping up the TV... 😆

Batman Group

November 17th 2019, 13:06:25

Pinball Dreams CPC reaches 12,000 downloads in the first month!
And to celebrate we have made a very limited physical edition to gift in gratitude to collaborators and friends who supported us during the development.
#Amstrad #PinballDreams

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 13th 2019, 14:31:21

And in the same vein, the new NeoPocket Game Drive label artwork! All steps closer to getting things happening again. 🙂

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 13th 2019, 13:29:55

With the whole Game Drive re-brand I'm also moving to new same-styled artwork for all the cartridges. This is the new Jaguar Game Drive label, other carts will follow. Original asset pack by @Namatnieks, used with permission. Sadly he wasn't available for commission! Superb work.

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 11th 2019, 17:27:00

Sorry for the lack updates recently, starting to get back on track. I'm working on sorting the Jaguar GD for production outsource in the background, but I've also been doing a bit more on the new Lynx GD as well!

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 5th 2019, 23:00:40

@emceebois @SmokeMonsterTWI @The_Phonedork The new Lynx GD is coming on well. I made a custom programming edge connector for it today for something different to do. Works nicely. Can’t see it being ready before Xmas though, lots to sort out for outsourcing manufacture. 😕

Bob from RetroRGB

November 5th 2019, 01:38:24

Wow, fuck you @KaicoLabs. Hey @Morrison, are you licensed to practice overseas? I'd love to start a kickstarter to fund a giant lawsuit against people like this who clone closed-source products.

@KaicoLabs I just noticed this announcement:

Welcome and here's my reply!

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 1st 2019, 20:46:32

I’ve thought of a very cool retro demo (C64, Speccy, CPC era) competition category. The V40 QR code category! 2953 bytes and add a QR scanner into some emulators. Bloody awesome. 😄

SainT : RetroHQ :

November 1st 2019, 15:27:51

When you put your mind to it, it’s interesting what optimisations you can find for outsourcing more areas of production without having to compromise on IP security. I should be able to have licensed producers of my hardware and also make production simplifier in one process.

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